About Irina Gusakova

Junction between sportswear and classic silhouettes

Origin: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Irina Gusakova is an Amsterdam based fashion brand, focused on contemporary menswear. They provide conscious, value driven individuals with the ability to create impactful dialogue with the people around them. They do this through the way they build their collections, which is based on purpose driven storytelling, co- creation, functional design, and transparency.

A strong emphasis on collaboration allows Irina Gusakova to merge various mediums of expression, and evolve traditional storytelling. With the aim of amplifying the topics that are important to them, they collaborate with creatives whose work has an underlying, socially charged message.

Inspired by travelling and a nomadic lifestyle, the collections of Irina Gusakova explore the ideas of functionality, which is interpreted through the use of technical fabrics and utilitarian details. Irina Gusakova exists in the junction between sportswear and classic silhouettes with a contemporary tailoring approach.