About New Offsprings

For everyone who once felt like they didn't belong

Origin: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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New Offsprings want to celebrate you. For everyone who once felt like they didn’t belong. Being an outcast themselves they hear you, and they would like to give you a hand. From now on the New Offsprings flag will be your flag to raise.

Founder Giorgio says:
“I believe that every person has its own unique powers and if you combine them; you can build bridges that can lead to find your treasure (your purpose). The creativity is endless. So be yourself and try not to fit in, you are already in.”

They dream about a world where creatives are the voice of the people. Where they raise their voice to challenge the status quo. Their heart is rebellious and lies with fashion, art, music and culture.

As a fashion brand they think it is important to produce their products in an ethical way. Therefore the shoes of New Offsprings are hand made in Portugal. They make sure to support everyone who has worked with them. When they grow, others grow with them.