About Pace

An amalgamation of Japanese & Brazilian fashion culture

Origin: São Paulo, Brazil

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Felipe Matayoshi, founder of Pace, tells you the story:


I lived at my grandmother’s house until I was 11 years old, I am the grandson of the 1st generation of Japanese from Okinawa in Brazil. My childhood was marked by countless family gatherings, where my uncles from Japan visited my grandmother. Always very well dressed, with tailored pants, shirts, utility vests. What I saw marked me and I almost couldn’t find any store to buy it. With the help of my mother who is a seamstress, I had my first adventures creating pieces that I felt was missing in the market. 

In 2017, PACE was launched with a sneaker collection, going in the opposite direction to the normal launch of a brand. This explains the name Pace (Rhythm) and the E in reverse. 

In this cadence, Pace continued to study to offer the best possible experience to each collection, using small local productions, high quality and sustainable materials, in order to meet the needs that they consider important, with essential, avant-garde and functional patterns/products.

For each piece sold, they deliver more than what the consumer has paid, they send together a package that can be used later, a tea bag and a steel cable that serves as a key ring in its functions.