Photo & Video Production

An image says more than a thousand words and never has that been more true than in the fashion industry. Your brand’s visual content is your voice, it is your identity. With our multidisciplinary team and expertise in fields ranging from brand and content strategy to PR and editorials, we know what it takes to cut through the noise. We create visual productions that go above and beyond to meet the requirements of your brand persona. We manage the entire video and photo production process – from initial brief, through concept development, pre-production, shooting, to post-production.

The Next Cartel’s services include:
– Video Production Services
– Photo Production Services
– Sound Design Services

The quality of your visual content can have a huge impact on the success of your product and/or project. We offer a variety of professional photo shoot packages depending on the type of photography needed and the number of quality images required. Whether you are searching for the perfect social media content or stunning campaign material, we can work with your digital and print material and take it to the next level with our photography services.
Video production is the most potent tool you can use to present and market your product or service. The manner in which video can capture the attention of your audience is unparalleled. Our video production services can present the identity of your brand and carry it forth front stage and centre.
Sound creates the right ambiance and mood, this is where sound design comes into play. It helps to tell the story, magnify the intent behind the narrative, and tap into the viewer’s emotions. When done with intent, sound design has a powerful impact, and that’s what we’re all about here at TNC. We care for the sound of your video production material from beginning to end, including sound design, mixing, and mastering.