We are specialists in creating stunning and flawlessly functional websites that have a robust strategy and ample reach among your targeted audience. We delve into your brand’s persona and audience to understand what type of website would suit your brand the best. Once the research is concluded, we gather all the ingredients necessary to create the perfect recipe for a gratifying user experience. The goal is to allow any user of the website to navigate a smooth path designed for optimal conversion. Needless to say, aesthetics are salient for the website. The Next Cartel optimizes the interface for the best user experience, integrating standout design, branded copy, and visual language that creates a connection between the user and your brand.

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Web design & Development with WordPress
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Owning a webshop and seeing day after day how it doesn’t convert, can be a progressively frustrating ordeal. There are many reasons why you may not be achieving the results you wish. Perhaps your online presence isn’t the greatest and you aren’t ranking well on search engines. Or maybe you don’t have a seamless user experience that has a responsive design for mobile devices. Our web services can be the solution for a peak e-commerce experience. Our power lies in the understanding of your product or service. With our web design and web development services, our experienced team can maximize your visibility, competitive edge, and impact on your audience, acting as a bridge towards your marketing objectives.
The user experience design process focuses on creating an intuitive, seamless flow between a person and their environment. It includes everything from the way a website looks and feels, right down to the smallest details.
Yes, but it all depends on your needs. The CMS in place is the motherboard of your online platform, so it’s vital to choose the right one. There are a lot of different CMSs that can be used to craft a website. Following an initial discovery call, we will be able to assess the needs of your brand and devise a pertinent proposal as well as design plans.
For sure! Our specialists can support you during this process. It’s of chief importance that migration is handled carefully and meticulously because the smallest of mistakes can translate into an abundance of issues. We ensure that no valuable SEO points are lost during the migration, so all the content will be appropriately preserved, and the responsive web design won’t be compromised.
The time it can take for the development process of a website’s visual design, graphic design, as well as overall digital experience to be finalized, depends entirely on your necessities. For the most part, it can take our web design agency between 2 to 3 weeks to design the website and 3-5 weeks for web development, optimizing and testing.