TNC Exclusive: Teasing The Newest CLASS drop. Brazilian skate culture in streetwear


Courtesy of @class_official


Who the hell said you can't buy class?


Our partner brand, CLASS, has just kicked off its newest lookbook, and we can't wait to give you a preview of the imminent drops in The Next Cartel store!


Style, functionality, and a good deal of skate culture are at the very core of the collection, which means printed t-shirts, denim shorts, loose & zipped fleeces, and of course…


The steady CLASS hats – the brand's iconic pieces!



Courtesy of @class_official


Didn’t you know? The CLASS story began with handmade hats for skaters… And this new lookbook is a testament to the brand's growth over the past few years. CLASS is bound to its roots and heritage. This has made the brand a pioneer in bringing Brazilian skate culture into streetwear.


Take a pen and start your wish list!


Available soon, from The Next Cartel e-store



All images Courtesy of @class_official


Stay tuned!




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