Editor’s Pick: Ebinum Brothers, A Journey Of Self Mastery

September 17, 2021
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September 17, 2021

Practice makes a master, or so the say. But the paths different artists take towards said mastery can be very different.


Since the olden days, it has been common to look for guidance in ones dive into artistic expression. Teachers, guides, masters, we often follow the steps of someone else in order to perfect our technique, to understand the roots of whatever art form we chose to follow. Eventually there comes a moment in most artist’s lives, where you set off on your own, crating out your own space within the creative universe.


You set off on your own, but not alone, because you have your years of education, practice, and knowledge that has been passed on to you to carry you forward. Education is the foundation of mastery then, is it?


But the question is, does all this practice, and education, always need to come hand in hand with teachings from someone else? Do we always have to start following someone else’s footsteps in order to learn? Many would say so.


Editor's Pick: Ebinum Brothers, A Tale Of Mastery

Source: Kaltblut


Here to proof those people wrong, let us introduce you to Victory Ebinum and Marvel Ebinum. With names like those, some might say they were destined to transcend and succeed. The fraternal dance duo hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, that form ‘Ebinum Brothers’.


Having no one around to teach them wasn’t enough to quit their dreams, Victory and Marvel decided that if they couldn’t learn from a source, they would learn for themselves. For many years now, the duo has trained tirelessly on their own to develop a praiseworthy set of skills. They have pushed through and overcome countless obstacles to be where they are. They have become unique and demonstrative masters of their art, talented choreographers, directors, and dance teachers.


Source: Kaltblut


Source: Kaltblut


For this reason, this week’s Editor’s Pick is a marvellous short film series by the Ebinum Brothers: A Beautiful Life.


While of course we are in the business of words here, I will let the work speak for itself. So go on, hit play, and try and not let the work of these two brilliant minds completely pierce straight through your heart, and rip into your soul.



Ebinum Brothers: A Beautiful Life – All Day

We should love all day, trust all day, help all day, smile all day and do what we love all day so we can be happy all day.

So going back to the initial question of whether you need to follow someone else’s teachings…


Many would firmly assert that yes, you need a teacher, a system, a structure, to truly become a master of your art Others however, would dissent this claim and state that you can indeed become the master of your own art without a teacher, simply by virtue of your own determination, hard work, and self-training of artistic expression.


Others might even say that by foregoing the traditional ways of learning, you are able to explore depths of art, and yourself, that you wouldn’t otherwise. Only then would you be able to present an unadulterated , genuine, authentic piece to the world, outside of the the façades and pretentions often encountered in the creative spheres.


Those others, in this case, would most likely be the biggest fans of the experience that is Ebinum Brothers.


Source: Kaltblut


Source: Kaltblut


Source: Kaltblut

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