Formy Studios and Marco Petrus join forces to give Milan a Standing Ovation


Source: Formy Studio


Italian artist Marco Petrus's collaboration with Formy Studio, fuses art, graphic design, and streetwear.


Formy studio is a Milanese Streetwear brand, founded by the Italian designer Domenico Formichetti. It is recognized for its personal style that wraps the designs, with a graphic and very colorful approach in its collections.



Source: Formy Studio


The collection is based on a work of art called "Atlas", painted in 2014.


It makes use of structural and graphic elements typical of the painter's style. In his work, we see high-rise buildings with numerous glass windows, resulting in a simultaneous sensation of vertigo and groundedness for the viewer.



Source: Formy Studio


Petrus, whose career spans more than two decades, is primarily known for his abstract work, which have been, and continue to be, exhibited al over the world.


His work tends to be inspired by the interurban landscapes of Italy.



Source: Marco Petrus


In the collection, the eclectic colour sets stand out — the bold oranges, lilacs, and yellows in one design set, are met with the cool greens, oranges, and blues of another.


The designs are oversized and comfortable — the collection sees shorts, t-shirts, and shirts. In addition, the brand has made a line of accessories, which include bags and hats, to complete your look.


The Italian brand has ensured that its new line is unisex, so that everyone can enjoy these exclusive and innovative designs.


The products are available from May 20th on the official website of the brand. Don't miss it, they are flying!



Source: Formy Studio


Source: Formy Studio



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