Heritage Combined with Fluidity to Bring a New Breath to the Fashion Industry

We love a bold move, a fearless challenger of the existing norms, and Franco-Appiah Baah gave us just that with his graduate collection Still a Man in My Mother’s Closet. Welcome to this week’s Editor’s Pick, where we will explore the idea of telling a story with fashion language via this outstanding designer’s collection.


Gender is a social construct, not a firm indicator of what we are but rather a consequence of our interactions. Franco-Appiah Baah wanted to experiment on the idea of gender, and he questioned how emancipating oneself from it would be, if people dressed the way they wanted without the fear of judgment.

His graduate collection Still a Man in My Mother’s Closet tells a very personal story for Franco-Appiah Baah. He took us on a journey through his imagination during his days in Ghana, where he didn’t know what gender was. He explained those days as I remember going in the closet with some of my cousins, dressing up from head to toe and acting like our relatives when they were in church or parties. At that time we did not think about gender, we were just having fun, dressing up and not caring about what was going on.”


With the help of fashion, he shows that dressing up is supposed to be fun, and it shouldn’t define who you are. Creative language helps us to express how we feel, but it isn’t supposed to set a the solid definition in stone. As feelings are fluid, so is fashion.


Still a Man in My Mother’s Closet redefines the norm of freedom, and it shows that it is possible to be free even in a tiny place like a closet with the help of imagination. He wanted to share that sense of freedom with the world. There are so few unachievable things for a creative mind who has a personal story to tell.


Source: Numéro Berlin


Fashion is a powerful tool to tell a story because it’s functional, creative, and extremely agile. From materials to textures, from patterns to shapes, every part of the garments serves that one purpose: telling the story that needs to be told. When we know the design’s inspiration and thought process, the collections complete the dots for us. So, what’s left for us? It’s fun and straightforward: look at the pieces and enjoy the whole picture.

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