Loraine James Reflects the Encounter of Her Voice in Her New Album

June 14, 2021
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Source: Loraine James


The London-based electronic artist used lockdown to find confidence in herself as an artist and as a queer woman.


Her new album Reflection is the fruit of that introspection she delved into during the months of quarantine. Reflection, is a work that takes the listener on an internal journey through the range of emotions the artist saw herself engulfed by this last year, as a result of being a young, queer, black woman, in a world that was suddenly paralyzed.



Source: Loraine James


Loraine, grew up in Endfield, North London, where she began to develop her artistic gifts on a keyboard given to her by her mother when she was little.


Lorraine James, as a person, as an artist, is the outcome of years of James' constant effort to shape herself through her personal and professional efforts, until she became the version we see today: a strong woman who does not limit herself when it comes to expressing to the world how she feels.



Source: Loraine James


James unites her thoughts and feelings, intertwining them with the sensibilities of pop music, and sprinkling them with a touch of R&B. One of the key creative techniques the artist has, includes letting her work "breathe", giving it time to take shape on its own, and does so by taking distance from it, in order to act as a listener instead of as a interpreter or creator.


In doing so, the singer has access to the same feelings her listeners do, and gains an insight into her audience's perceived emotions.


The artist spent the last few years developing her musical style, until she was finally able to say that she was happy, and now feels identified with the music that she makes. Drawing inspiration from different styles, James keeps up to date on current music, in search for sound hues that she could add to her sound.


“Many things inspire me and music is always changing. I always like to listen to what is 'current' because I think it is interesting and pop music intrigues me as I find it difficult to do. I like to listen to the sounds that make a pop melody and use some bits of that in the style of Loraine James. " – Loraine James for Metal Magazine.



Source: Loraine James


Her work is also inspired by the racism James endured, both growing up and as an adult woman. This fact has made her personal and political work stronger, and as a result, has become an integral part of her music


Loraine is a real inspiration, as she creates art from her story, and she is not afraid of the obstacles that life throws our way. Without a doubt a great reflection of love and self-confidence.


Don't forget to listen to James' latest album and heed the salient message the young Londoner puts across.



Source: Loraine James

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