‘Not In Paris’ Returns For Its Troisième Iteration!

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Fashion Week enthousiasts, buckle up because we’ve got some great news for you!


With pandemic hitting us hard in 2020, a lot of you enthousiasts experienced FOMO or ‘fear of missing out’ in regards to the Fashion Weeks. But then, they started going digital like ‘Not In Paris’, which was a great succes.


Now, ‘Not In Paris’, is back for its troisième iteration, and this time it will actually be in Paris!



Not In Paris is a multimedia hub showcasing art, fashion, music, and design beyond clothes. But of course, it wouldn’t be a fashion week without all the other amazing things to see, on top of the runway shows, so buckle up for exclusive content from Gucci and more, which will be showcased in this season’s events. New collaborations with some of the most recognizable labels will be this season’s novelty.


“When we first did Not In Paris last year, we wanted to distill the experience of Fashion Week into a multimedia opera of online content,” said Thom Bettridge, Editor-in-Chief.


On top of organizing the whole event, the fashion platform has also orchestrated a pop-up shop which is indeed ‘In Paris’ where you can purchase exclusive product collaborations. It is meant to serve the street culture community in Paris, with select programming and attendance from the collaborating designers themselves.



On top of their own releases, they’ve decided to go even bigger and partnered with iconic Parisian institutions Cafe de Flore and Perrotin on co-branded merch, as well as a special pre-Not In Paris release from Thom Browne.


Source: Highsnobiety


Source: Highsnobiety

The exhibition and digital experience, along with the collaborative products, which began on the 16th of June, are programmed to run until the 22 at 198 rue de Rivoli and on Highsnobiety.com.

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