Punk & Moths: Conceptual imagery in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2021


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Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2021 A / W took place this week and here at TNC we have to admit we've been bewitched by a couple of gems on the catwalk.



HxCx takashi ito

The most elegant version of punk you could lay eyes on. HxCx takashi ito's runway show saw a lot sweaters, flannels, and scarves, often splashed with a brightly coloured accent, and paired with a trusted pair of faded jeans and classic shoes. A modernised, elevated version of the 90s skater vibe.



Source: Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo



Designer Takashi Kido aims to embody the concept of pure freedom through his designs, and believes that punk is not an aesthetic but an attitude. As such, HxCx does not appeal to the preconceived ideas of punk in fashion, it creates its own, and sets itself apart by incorporating the attitude Kido is so fond of, with the elegance and glamour of the runway.



Source: Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo





Making his RFW debut after 9 years of existence, SEVESKIG's collection champions domestic production and Japanese craftmanship. Designer Takanori Nagano makes a conscious choice to use natural fibres, due to the traceability and transparency regarding the manufacturing hands that they offer. Wool for example, he says, is easy to trace where it was spun and dyed, ensuring it is authentically Japanese.



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Many of the pieces feature graphic references to the movie "The Silence of the Lambs". A result of the tops being 100% silk, and the moth, therefore, serving as perfect imagery merging the physical and conceptual aspect of the clothes. Nagano believes the public is too easily swayed by the media's depiction of "ethical" or sustainable" when it comes to the textile industry. He questions what people really know about the processes of faux leather, and notes they can be just as bad or worse than some traditional leather manufacturers. Hence, his use of real leather whose background and process he knows well.



Source: VRAI


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