Step Into The Subtle Chaos of ISO.POETISM’s ‘HABITUAL HAVOC’

November 23, 2022
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Written By:
November 23, 2022

There’s something quite enticing about chaos. Maybe it’s the liberation of surrendering to a state of being that completely accepts things as they are, instead of insisting on organizing them into what should be. Or maybe it’s the power it has to breed revolution. A revolution that if you manage to brave into and conquer, will lead you to your peace. You’ve heard about the calm before the storm, but how about the calm that settles in after said storm? That’s the place we all want to get to, isn’t it? This chaotic journey is explored in ISO.POETISM by Tobias Birk Nielson showcases its collection “HABITUAL HAVOC”.

Exploring the constant state of havoc and desire to leave it behind, ISO.POETISM invites us into its chaos. How could we say no?

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