Wataru Tominaga’s Fall/Winter collection will make you want Summer to go away


Source: Wataru Tominaga


When it comes to Japanese fashion the chances of us getting unexpected patterns and creative results are high.


With a diverse culture, filled with fun patterns and visual stimulation, Wataru Tominaga’s Fall/Winter collection, presented last Monday at the Paris Fashion Week digital runaway, is making the grim season of the year look brighter than sunshine.



Source: Wataru Tominaga


It is all about colours and design when it comes to Wataru Tominaga’s work.



Source: Wataru Tominaga


Their playful video for the newest collection speaks for itself:



WATARU TOMINAGA is an eponymous Japanese fashion brand founded in 2019.


The brand focuses on experimental print designs, incorporating hand drawn elements as well as visual manipulations of printed textiles through hand-pleating. WATARU TOMINAGA offers unisex casual design with playful prints inspired by the rich history of print design in menswear and womenswear as well as textiles intended for the home.



Source: Wataru Tominaga



Source: Wataru Tominaga


The designer was born in 1988 in Kumamoto, Japan, and currently based in Tokyo.


Last September he hit the NYFW for the first time and was praised for his gender-neutral collection.


The Spring/Summer collection was filled with florals, plaids and genderless motifs.




Click here if you want to see more of Wataru Tominaga’s work.

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