SALUA – Visual Brand ID

Salua’s identity blends brutalist boldness with organic refinement. Our logotype reflects this duality, capturing the strength and fluidity reminiscent of molten silver. The color palette is purposeful and elegant, chosen for its universal appeal and versatility. The silver-like texture across the branding is more than an aesthetic—it’s a narrative, embodying our commitment to craftsmanship and distinctiveness.

In Berlin, Salua Jewelry, founded by Luísa Brenner, merges art with nature. Each piece, handcrafted from scratch, echoes the beauty and patterns of the natural world, offering more than just aesthetics—each is functional, comfortable, and beautiful. Embracing sustainable luxury, Salua stands for slow fashion, timeless design, and enduring quality. Our commitment to transparency informs every aspect of our creations, making each piece a testament to sustainable elegance and thoughtful design.

Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Project Manager: Felipe Santibañez
Design: Laura Riu