The Next Cartel nurtures forward-thinking minds and issues culture into the next era, by creating a space where the reality of tomorrow is crafted.

The Media Platform is a catalyst for trailblazers, raising the voices of bold people from the global contemporary culture. They are at the core of our editorials, which boost innovative Fashion, Tech, Music, and Art.

As an Agency, The Next Cartel is committed to delivering high-quality creative solutions through compelling storytelling, bold visuals, and cutting-edge communication, helping fashion & lifestyle brands to connect with the next generation of consumers.

The Digital Fashion Studio creates innovative digital fashion items with a conscious design approach, to contribute to the urban culture evolution in changing times.



Felipe Santibañez

Co-founder & Creative Director

Tim Warmolts

Co-founder & Business Director

Joachim Kuipers

Co-founder & Partnership Director

Adeline Hedmar

Co-Owner & Editor in Chief

Marina Azcárate

Editorial Director

Noor Zouitina

Fashion Writer & Stylist

Cornel Doornebosch

3D Fashion Designer

Aylin Degirmen

3D Designer & Architect

Işıl Gürmen

Lifestyle Writer

Frédéric Gaillard