IGWT – Create Your Balance

For In Gold We Trust’s brand new sport line, we developed a campaign that centers around the importance of balance in one’s life. The campaign video features two men with different daily routines, inspiring viewers to seek equilibrium and prioritize personal well-being. With this campaign, the goal was to ignite a spark of inspiration in the audience, encouraging them to discover the beauty of a balanced life and to find joy in both work and personal pursuits.


In Gold We Trust originated as a fashion line within Franzel Amsterdam and was formally established in 2012 by Eric Franzel. Their versatile and timeless pieces reflect a commitment to craftsmanship, while their dedication to staying culturally engaged provides a source of ongoing inspiration for the brand.
In addition to showcasing the campaign’s empowering message, we also wanted to highlight the versatility of In Gold We Trust’s clothes. The campaign features the same outfit being worn in both a work and a workout setting.
With a minimalist aesthetic that includes a muted color palette and soft lighting, the campaign photos exemplify In Gold We Trust’s values of timelessness and quality.

Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Production House:: The Next Cartel
Creative Direction: Felipe Santibañez
Film Direction: Felipe Druda
Creation & Film Script: Rodrigo Ferreira e Felipe Druda (@kactusfilm)
DOP + Camera op: Edi Ferreira
Camera Assistants: Gulcin Bekar & Tatiana Poplawski
Gaffers: Pedro Afonso Netto & Joan Carrasco
Photography: Nurri Garre
Art Direction: Diana Boier
Art Assistant: David Puente
Stylist: Uliana Redkina
Styling Assistant: Alina Shychkina
MUA: Paula Barjau
Executive Producer: Joachim Kuipers
Producer: Bart Bonnema
Production Assistant: Carles Pujadas
Film Editing: Felipe Druda
Collaborator: Aluzine Rental
Models: Iago Santibañez & Fu Kun