IGWT – The Dutch Summer

The objective was to showcase a typical dutch man enjoying the summer. Throughout his day, we highlight typical dutch activities such as breakfast and preparing for a day on the beach as a typical dutch tourist would. While on the beach there will be multiple scenarios showcasing the typical dutch person on holidays.

In Gold We Trust originated as a fashion line within Franzel Amsterdam and was formally established in 2012 by Eric Franzel. Their versatile and timeless pieces reflect a commitment to craftsmanship, while their dedication to staying culturally engaged provides a source of ongoing inspiration for the brand.

Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Direction: Felipe Santibañez
DOP: Matt Turzymski
Art Director: Diana Boier
Creative Producer: Bart Bonnema
Stylist: Tania Morenilla
Stylist Assistant: Mara Mancini
MUAH: Catalina Sartor
Video Editor & Colorist: Felipe Druda
Photography: Adria Moles
Talent: Joop Lelie