Gisela – 249 The Secret

In this campaign, we celebrate the authentic beauty and the journey of self-discovery for women. Our scope was to celebrate Gisela Moments which liberates women from societal expectations, allowing them to embrace their true selves. Through a captivating campaign film, mesmerizing TV Commercial and sleek 3D animations, we reveal the 249 formula, The Secret of Gisela Moments, while highlighting diversity, and beauty of femininity. The campaign embodies “lightness” as a symbol of freedom and confidence. Our goal was to inspire women to embrace their true selves and experience genuine beauty.

Gisela is known for its creative approach to crafting underwear, lingerie, and swimwear. Their team, which now exceeds 250 people, of passionate and detail-oriented creatives are dedicated to creating apparel that make women feel comfortable, attractive, and confident.
In the TV commercial, we invite viewers to feel the sensitivity and intimacy of the woman. Through a captivating array of close-ups and macro shots, we bring them closer to the essence of her being.
By zooming in on her body and showcasing the intricate details of the lingerie, we provide context and captivate their attention. It’s a visual journey that evokes a sense of allure and fascination.

249 The Secret – Campaign film
Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Production House: The Next Cartel
Film Direction: Felipe Druda
Creative Direction: Felipe Santibañez
DOP: Matt
Producer: Bart
Gaffer: Edi Ferreira
Art Director: Diana Boier
Make up: Paula Barjau
Set Assistant: David Puente
Gaffer assistant: Pedro Afonso Netto
Styling: Gisela
Models: Anne van Tongeren, Deborah Oluwapelumi, Egle Jezepcikaite, Nour Hamdad

249 The Secret – TVC
Creative Director: Felipe Santibañez
DOP: Matt Turzynski
Producer: Bart Bonnema
Diving coordinator 1: Jaume Fernandez
Diving coordinator 2: Carlos Velasco
Diving assistant: Nuria Juan
Gaffer: Edi Ferreira
BTS: Matthew Mills
Talent: Berta Ferreras Sanz