Creative Direction

As a fashion brand grows out of an earlier strategy, or as new campaigns need to be developed we can provide Creative Direction for the needs of your brand. If your brand growth has become stagnant, a good creative strategy will be what makes or breaks it. We are big-picture thinkers and bring more than just ideas to the table. We make sure that they are brought to life through compelling visuals and storytelling all in alignment with the brand narrative. At the core of our expertise lies the ability to connect vision and style to that of your target audience. As a creative agency and digital fashion studio, we provide vision, team management, and guidance for any creative project, making sure that the outcome is always meeting brand goals and strategy.

The term “creative direction” has been around for quite some time. It was first used in the early 1900s, but its meaning changed over time. Today, creative direction refers to the process of developing an overall strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.
In stark contrast, a company or agency Creative Director will be a highly experienced artist and creator with an impressive portfolio of campaigns they themselves have designed and developed. They are experts in the development of design concepts. While Creative Directors typically lead teams of like-minded creatives in order to create collaborative design briefs, they also work alongside marketing management and C-Suite executives to provide input into the overall creative direction of a product, service, or brand. The Creative Director may also play an integral role in company culture and branding concepts, as this has emerged as an integral indicator of an organization and its brand. The Creative Director not only brings ideas to the table but also ensures that ideas are brought to life through compelling visuals and storytelling. They may oversee teams of designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, production staff, and writers to take concepts from draft to completion and through to publishing or promotion. The Creative Director maintains project budgets and timely results of deliverables to provide the eye candy and earworms needed to compel the market to interact with a brand and ultimately increase sales. While very different from a Brand Director, the two share the same goals… Driving revenue.