BIGGER SWOOSH: Bigger Is Always Better

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We all know the saying: 
Bigger is always better.


You know it, we know it, but Nike also knows this.


A bigger swoosh is always better.


When it comes down to brand recognition, nobody does it better than Nike, think we can all agree on that.


Whether or not you’re a sneakerhead or an athlete, anyone can recognize the famous swoosh from miles away.


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This exactly what makes Nike as influential as they are. Going from the commercials they make, the athletes they sponsor and of course the footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories they produce. They changed the game, and we all know this.


Besides the large markets, they also influence streetwear fans, all-American athletes, or on-the-go athletes who just need something comfy and high-quality for everyday wear.


Interestingly enough, all Nike pairs that had bigger swooshes than other pairs, set the scene back in the day for current and future footwear designers. Nike Air Grudge is an example of that, influencing pairs like Nike Blazer Off-White, or the Freak 1 for NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo.


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Because Nike knows this, and the bigger swoosh lovers know this too, a movement/initiative dubbed ‘BIGGER SWOOSH’ has been taking cities worldwide like Milan and Paris by storm, alongside creating a presence on Instagram.


The posters on the walls come along with a with a slogan that seems to unabashedly throw shame at the competition: “FUCK STRIPES, MAKE THAT BIGGER SWOOSH”.


The movement is to create hype for big-swooshed Nike styles and directing viewers to, where different things like stickers, posters, customized jeans etc can be found.


Source: Bigger Swoosh


Recently, the Instagram page has been mostly into posting about sneakers in combination with recent and upcoming releases of some very dope vampire flared jeans.


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