STUDIO183's Digital Event Series, a virtual melting pot

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STUDIO183 has come a long way from the experimental pop-up shop it used to be. It is now a boutique retail concept, which fosters unique, indie creators, both international and Berlin-based, showcasing high quality design, art, and fashion.


Events have been part of STUDIO183's DNA for quite some time, as they have proved to be very efficient in terms of solidifying the love triangle between designers, customers, and the shop. The idea behind it all being, to create a community of open-minded minds willing to connect, network, and help each other out.



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Like many others since this pandemic hit, many - if not most - of these events have had to transition to the virtual universe. While STUDIO183 already had an online presence, as means of building rapport with its customers and providing accessibility to clients abroad, it has taken it up a notch with its digital events.


Shortly after international women's day, STUDIO183 hosted an online event featuring creatives from the art, music, and fashion world, with music curated by four female powerhouses, and an installation by digital NFT artist Richard Schemmerer.


Frankly, we are really loving this empowerment and visibility of female talent, so we are kinda gutted to have missed it... What's that? You too? Isn't it irksome to find out about something AFTER it happens..?


Well darlings, worry not, for the kind, sharp, creative souls at STUDIO183 have decided to turn this digital culture experience into a bimonthly event!



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The second edition of STUDIO 183's digital series FROM 183 is taking place tomorrow 26th of March, and it will be livestreamed from its new location in Bikini Berlin. Once again it will exclusively spotlight female DJs, and this time, we shall be readyyyy.





19:00 – 20:00 Humaniser [HARD GROOVE]

Co-Founder of radio show Reset Radio as we as Hades Berlin resident. Humaniser is a Spanish DJ will keep your body moving and blood pumping with sets that are purposefully curated to combat male dominance of the genre and include female and other minorities' sounds.




20:00 – 21:00 – DJ Hot Bitch [TRASHCORE]

Proclaimed chaotic DJ, co-founder of Widows Collective, as well as cyber performer and singer. Her music videos and DJ sets will reel you in with their anarchic attitude.




21:00 – 22:00 – X.L.V.  [TECHNO]

This DJ and newborn producer from Chile takes you on a journey which navigates the twists and turns of many genres, from electro, to EBM, techno, to Italo disco. Also a part of the WIDOWS.DE collective, X.L.V makes a point to showcase Latin American producers, and promote the incredible talent found on the other side of the pond.




22:00 – 23:00 – Melizards [ELECTROPOP]

Melizards is quite simply unique, and her sound exists outside of the confines of any time, era, or style. Bringing the heart of the past, into the present digital reality, allowing it to mutate in her skilful hands.





Set your alarms for tomorrow, 26th of March, 7pm. Tune into their livestream, and while your at it, consider making a donation to support the incredibly talented artists!!



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