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The Next Cartel's online magazine attracts the attention of thousands of visitors each week. Our community is a space where like-minded individuals shaping contemporary culture can convene and revel in sharing the experience. As such, our online advertising services yield great results not only in attracting potential customers but in uniquely positioning you in the industry. Access the community of The Next Cartel: The creators, consumers, and influencers of today, determining what tomorrow will look like.

We act as a bridge between this industry’s talent and your brand. Whether that be creative hands who are front, right and centre, masterminds who make the magic behind the scenes happen, to those who keep an eye out for everything from the sidelines. With premium and selected content, we can give your brand optimal reach and opportunities. Our unique insight into the industry and access to the skilful industry individuals that form our community is our greatest asset, and it could be yours too.

Why should branded content be part of my marketing strategy?

Branded content has been around for a while, but it’s only recently that brands have started to embrace the medium as an effective way of communicating with their target audience. It has also become more important than ever before because consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and want to see what they’re getting themselves into when they click on a link or open a video ad.

Branded content is a key element of any successful business’ marketing strategy, and can help transmit a brand’s true essence to its audience.

Does The Next Cartel produce branded content for my business?

As a creative agency & magazine under one roof, we offer branded content in different packages. You may provide us with your own content, or on the other hand we can also create it for you.

You may also combine our advertising services with our creative direction services, you could be looking at a cohesive branding project that could truly help you reach your ultimate goals.

Does my company fit The Next Cartel's advertisement selection?

This will be assessed during an initial discovery call. Once we get to know your brand, its values, and your target market, we can conclude whether we’re a fit or not.

Can talent interviews also take place live?

Yes! We attend events or special settings for interviews. All proposals will be considered.


Reach out to us and tell us more about you. Let’s explore the opportunities.

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