Rapper Guvna B Speaks on How Things Should Be With ‘Very Original’

May 22, 2021
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May 22, 2021


Photos courtesy of Guvna


Yesterday, Guvna B came back full force with the Black Edition Deluxe of his recent album “everywhere + nowhere”, featuring six new tracks including lead single “Very Original” ft D Double E. Produced by TK The Producer.


This release marks a very special momento for the artist, a full circle kinda moment if you will. Having been a fan of D Double for as long as he can remember, being able to collaborate with one of his biggest influences on his new single has been a dream come true. Some people say don't meet your heroes, well, scratch that! Not only did Guvna B meet him, he took him to the studio with him!





The result is a powerful track which touches on the damaging reality of negative stereotypes whilst pushing to rewrite the script and uplift through challenging the unjust status quo. And quite frankly, it's fire.


Judge for yourselves:



One could say that this new Black Edition Deluxe of “everywhere + nowhere”, is Guvna B's lockdown baby, bringing the album back into the present. The project was already and embodiment of the artist's complex artistry, and it only felt right to follow it up in 2021, adding layers of raw thought, result of quarantine introspection. The album is full of unapologetic honesty, emotion, and self reflection.





Opening a window for his audience to peek into, Guv offers insight into poignant topics including; his turbulent journey, grief, black excellence, masculinity, and faith.


The double-MOBO award winning artist has a lot to be proud of, not only is he killing it in the music industry, he also recently released his new book, Unspoken: Toxic Masculinity and How I Faced The Man Within The Man. The book received an applaud of praise across the board for the underrepresented issues raised. It discusses outdated phrases such as “stiff upper lip” and “men don't cry” which are commonly passed down from generations and can be hugely detrimental to mental health and personal growth.





As a matter of fact, “Very Original” is inspired by one of the chapters of the book.


One thing's for sure, the multidisciplinary artist has hit the nail on the head with this one, and it is truly revitilizing to see the rap scene do what is has historically always done best: speak out about issues that truly matter.


Now, hit play.




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