How Digital Fashion Contributes To The Growth Of Your Fashion Brand

February 3, 2022
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February 3, 2022

Digital fashion is now an every day reality, and its impact on the fashion industry as a whole is becoming increasingly visible and potent. However, its integration into said industry, and quite blatantly into lives in general, has happened so incredibly fast that many might not have had the chance to understand its inherent benefits and the revolutionary consequences it could have for fashion brands.

It’s a fact that waves have been made and that some of the biggest fashion giants have already jumped on the bandwagon of releasing virtual garments, so let us dissect how the addition of digital fashion could possibly benefit you and your fashion brand.

A Promising Concept In Time That Provides Visibility

I think we are forging a new, on-screen future in the Metaverse, a new evolution within fashion has been growing.

Kadine James, for the TNC Talks, Vol 1.1.

Due to the recent pandemic the world was more than ever catapulted into the digital age, and the interest in both NFT fashion and digital fashion have been rising drastically in popularity. The synergy between increased interest, enhanced technologies and a suitable marketing strategy, will allow your brand to make the best use of the sensational hype around digital fashion and you’ll still be able to reach the early adopters, or, in other words, the trend setters. Furthermore, the digital realm is unique in the sense that it has an extraordinarily ample reach. Allowing your brand to become accessible to anyone who has an internet device, virtual fashion will help you amplify your brand’s visibility and accessibility 24/7, 365 days a year.

                                         Source: The Fabricant, World’s First Digital Only Dress Iridescence.

Digital Fashion Expands The Market Opportunities

Blockchain will empower a whole new way of interacting with one another. It will create new economical models, new ownership and new micro-economies that will finally give the people their own power over their financials, and the freedom to endlessly create and actually be credited and paid for it.

Amber Jae Slooten, for the TNC Talks, Vol 1.1.

Let’s face it, sometimes having spectacular designs may not be enough to cut through the harsh competition in the market. If a brand can adapt to the dynamic environment of global business, it is possible to stay ahead. Adapting and incorporating trends is of great importance, for the fashion industry more so than any other industry, and the best way to stay relevant to the times and guarantee that a brand will have a long, successful life

In the global free-market economic system, the survival instinct would immediately make you think about the possible market strategies at hand. Thankfully, digital fashion offers you a gold mine.

                                                                                           Source: Stephy Fung

We have enough reasons to believe that digital fashion has the potential to replace fast fashion‘s high consumerism tendency in the short to medium term. If – or even more appropriate, when – this prediction comes into reality, the brands that have already moved on to running a complementing digital fashion business model will have a head start in the future of this new industry.

If your concern is to find new revenue streams in the medium to long term, digital fashion can also open a window of opportunity. There is a a bourgeoning second hand market for NFT garments, and crypto fashion is a way to benefit from the secondary and resale market. The wonders of the blockchain offers royalties paid to the creator every time a piece is being resold for all time to come, a sort of controlled second hand market, that was never possible before. This alternative market presents immense possibilities and a whole new revenue model.

It Consolidates Brand Identity

Digitally, your garments can take on so many different forms of life that wouldn’t be possible physically (yet); light, animation, movement/morphing, floating, flying, anything you can think of basically, that’s some of the things that make digital fashion so exciting to me.

Cornel Doornebosch, for TNC Talks, Vol 1.2.

With the help of digital fashion, you can take the narrative of the user experience into your own hands. The possibilities don’t start and stop with the solely the product narrative you sell, but encompasses the whole virtual buyer and user experience. Those include but are not limited to different wearability use cases in the Metaverse and virtual shopping experiences with interactive possibilities. You will create interaction and engagement at the next level which in turn will generate growing user confidence with your brand.

Source: Vogue Business

Digital fashion doesn’t conform with the laws of physics, allowing for creativity to expand beyond the confines of our merely physical reality. Via this new creative language, you can actually reflect and consolidate your brand identity. We’re not only talking about colours, patterns, or logos; we’re talking about the attitude that you want your brand to radiate.

Without any physical limitations and the unchangeable facts of the material world, you can let your imagination take the lead in the design process. The true spirit of your brand can shine through the final product and the story behind it. This can help your audience grasp the essence of your brand identity.

Virtual Design Can Help You Hit The Sustainability Goals

…Transitioning to digital pilots for manufacturing as well as marking will represent a way more sustainable pipeline, and that’s revolutionary when we think of the waste produced during the development of any piece of clothing.

Andressa Castaman and Guilherme Schneider, for TNC Talks, Vol 1.1.

The vast amount of waste that the fashion industry produces every year has been a chief problem in the sustainability, or lack of rather, of this sector. However, we believe digital fashion can offer an alternative way to consume fashion and help to reduce the material waste that physical garments produce.

It is no secret that TNC is synonymous with digital fashion; we love to channel our inner creativity and let our vision lead us to uncharted realities that mirror our authenticity.

So next time you think about how digital fashion can contribute towards the growth of your fashion brand, believe that it can elevate your brand to The Next level. We’d say reach for the stars, but at this point, we know more than well that the sky is not the limit.

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