Spellbound… Nothing Short Of Magical

February 15, 2023
Written By:
Written By:
February 15, 2023

When we say that this editorial is nothing short of magical… We mean it. Welcome to the enchanting world of Spellbound, where fashion and magic collide to create an enthralling world that will leave you absolutely mesmerized. 

In this SICKY editorial, photographer Antono Velez captures his subject in the most fantastical manner. He might as well be a futuristic wizard, decked out in the most exquisite of garments, yielding the magical powers he holds in his own hands, casting a spell before your very eyes. The colour contrasts are stunning, with blue and black creating an otherworldly aura, while green and purple exude a maleficent energy that is both alluring and intimidating. A perfect blend of power and style.

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