TNC WEEKEND: Barcelona, Paris & New York

June 22, 2021
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June 22, 2021

Welcome back to another round of TNC WEEKEND!

This week we have some really cool events lined up for you, and some very exciting news from Barcelona, TNC’s very own homebase.


On Monday the 21st of June nightclubs were finally allowed to open up again in Barcelona (until 3.30am) and along with that, come A LOT of events. Particularly with San Juan coming up tomorrow, a notorios celebration in Spain where people would traditionally light up bonfires on the beach and jump over them as they made a wish. Given this year’s restrictions, people will not be allowed to light up bonfires in most places, meaning events are popping up everywhere.

The famous electric open air club from Barcelona called La Terrrazza is one of the places to reopen its doors, and they’re going all out. They have events lined up every single day of the week and have their real big opening party on Saturday, where you can dance under the stars of Montjuïc and the night will be yours again. Yes, the summer has just begun. Get your tickets!

La Terrrazza Meets Jackies

On Sunday La Terrrazza will also be hosting another event with Jackies at the iconic “La Terrrazza de Poble Español”, a unique and magical open air space where you can dance to the rhythm of House & Disco Music all day long. You can get your tickets here.

Source: Xceed

Breathedeep x Hypnotic School – The Lighthouse

Another cool event happening on the 26th is one hosted by Breathedeep & Hypnotic School. The two joined forces to provide a very unique experience in an old Catalan House at an amazing location. Get your tickets here!



For those in Paris, no worries, we’ve also got you covered!

With things starting to open up as well and regulations easing up, there’s room for events now and we’re here to share them with you.

Kilomètre 25

One place you definitely need to check out is Kilomètre25, a huge open-air wasteland of 2,200 square meters located at La Villette. It’s name is derived from being hidden under the “25th kilometer” of the boulevard. The next hotspot of the summer is an underground temple made of rough concrete and containers, guaranteed without rain, since it’s sheltered by the ring road

Clothing and jewellery designers, clothing galore, a vinyl store, three foodtrucks, a barber, tattoo artists, masseurs, you name it. There’s at least something for everyone. On top of that, every weekend there will be DJ sets of electronic music, including legends like Manu Le Malin performing and entertaining the people.

It’s completely free so go check it out if you’re in the area!

New York

For our last city this week we’ll be travelling over great pond to the Concrete Jungle where dreams comes true, or at least thats what they claim. And this month, pride events are at the top of the list.

Rainbow lights above Stonewall Inn

Here on wednesday and thursday, Sky-high rainbow lights will again shoot up from NYC’s iconic Stonewall Inn for Pride this year and they’ll be brighter than ever. the rainbow lights will be best viewable from 115 Seventh Avenue South, across from the lights and on the corner of West 4th and Christopher Street, looking south, but they’ll be so massive you can see them across the river and throughout the city.

Source: Time Out NY

“More Life”

Another LGBTQ+ event is David Zwirner’s new show called ‘More Life’. The show explores the aesthetic, personal, and political responses to the HIV/AIDS crisis through the lens of the gay male perspective. There will be eight exhibitions in this series, hosted from Thursday June 24 until Friday July 30, with most of them being held at the New York gallery. You can read more about it here on the website

Source: Time Out NY

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