WHO THE FUCK IS HENRY? TNC Asked Henry Himself…

April 11, 2022
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April 11, 2022

It was around this time last year that TNC went to Lisbon. It was around this time last year while we strolled the streets of said Portuguese capital that we asked ourselves a question that many have asked before us. In fact, it is a question that many have asked since… WHO THE FUCK IS HENRY?

Plastered all across town, on walls, windows, doors, and on any other surface you could think of no matter how high, or inaccessible, are posters with this very question.

Using art to stir the minds of audiences is nothing new, it’s quite frankly one of the main goals behind any artist. To instil something in the viewer, whether that be a question, a feeling, or a certainty. And if there’s someone who knows exactly how to do all three, it’s Henry.


Words that Henry and The Collective live by. And we’ll be damned if that’s not one of the truest things we’ve ever heard anybody say. Because they do, literally, do it all.

From surf school to nightclubs, fashion, dinner parties, kickboxing lessons and even their own beer, Henry and his collective seem to have a knack for taking on any and all activities. Making an exhilarating venture out of any interest or passion. Witnessing them in action makes one truly believe that hey, maybe we can really do anything we want if we simply have the ovaries to go into it headfirst.

The fascination around Henry and The Collective is more than understandable. Anonymous, exciting, rule-breakers and dream-makers. As cool as cool gets really. It is no wonder how after coming into contact with these elusive creatives, one’s head begins to simmer with intrigue. We’ve been dying to quench this thirst for a little information, and here at TNC we are people of action. So, we took a page out of Henry’s book and got right to it.

Now we might not have the answer to the question of WHO THE FUCK IS HENRY… Yet we assure you, we did not come here empty-handed today. Much the opposite. We may not have what you want exactly, but we might just have what you need.

Because perhaps it’s not so much the question of who the fuck is Henry that matters. Perhaps, what we should be asking is WHY the fuck is Henry? And who better to enlighten us in our quest for answers, than the man himself.

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between and outside those limits… Meet Henry.

Photos courtesy of Henry

When did WHO THE FUCK IS HENRY first come into existence?

Summer 2020.

What is the philosophy behind WHO THE FUCK IS HENRY?

‘Better to ask for forgiveness than to seek for permission’

What do you think is the secret behind your success? Why does Henry cause such fascination?

Because what I’m doing is mainly illegal, readable and strategic.

People want to know who I am, how I do it and where to find me.

I think it turned out to be a mystery for people coming to Lisbon.

The fact that I’m painting readable messages in very visible spots helps a lot because everyone can read and relate to my messages (opposite to other graffitis).

You are involved in many different branches, food, art, sports, events… How do these intersect for you? What synergy is there between them all?

I just create stuff around what I like. I like to learn new things and I don’t create limits on my imagination. If I’m up for learning something or want to get better in a specific field, I’ll create a project around that, but always with my special touch.

Art: Because I’m an artist seeking adrenaline.

Food: Because I’m a bon vivant.

Sports: Because I need to stay fit to escape the police.

Events: Because I like to gather my friends and dance all night long.

Which project sparked it all and how do you decide how to move forward? What new venture to branch into?

1st – I do then I think

2nd – I always make sure that I surround myself with the right people.

This means that they are the best in what they do and up to the task of managing the operation of the project after I launch it. I only work with very few people that I’ve know for years and I can trust for real.

Does The Collective exist without Henry and vice versa?

No, impossible haha.

How does one come to be a part of The Collective?

At the moment, I don’t open doors anymore. I found stability in my creation process with my guys and I keep it like that.

How does the synchronicity between and within projects work? Are you more of a free-flowing soul or do you believe that structure and clear roles make for success?

Projects are independent.

I’m completely free when moving and thinking. If someone tries to take this freedom out of me, he will go through some troubles.

As you can imagine, I can’t answer all the questions but let’s say that I’m used to dealing with everything which is not legal hehe.

Do you have any upcoming exciting projects?

Yes! I have just opened a secret nightclub hidden behind a ‘grocery shop’ where I do organise private parties with international artists and DJs (only word of mouth). And I have my first exhibition coming, beginning of summer! Be ready!

What do you think the world could learn from Henry? What’s the message that you want to pass on with your projects?

Spend less time in front of social media, do real stuff that moves you with the people you love.

Take risks! Life is short, enjoy it fully!

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