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The tale continues… One upon a time in the sunny beaches of… BARCELONA, where in addition to good food, wonderful beaches, and streets surrounded by art, you will be able to enjoy the recommendations that TNC has carefully curated for its readers.


Many times when we travel or we are simply in the city where we live, we do not find out about events, plans, and things to do, until we see photos on social media and we wish we had found out about that plan, has it happened to you too? Isn't it a bummer?


Every week we will show you our summer recommendations for a specific city, we will include all kinds of proposals; from markets, musical or cultural events, creative workshops, festivals, and many more experiences.


Welcome to One Upon A Summertime in Barcelona!



Cinema A La Fresca


Source: Europa Press


Located: Sala Montjuic

Taking Place: From July 2nd to August 6th.

Price: between € 8 and € 11.


These last months locked up and with different restrictions have made many of us explore the outdoorsy soul that was hidden within, and luckily the summer events are making it easy for us to appease this need to do things outdoors. Can you imagine yourself on a deck chair in the moonlight enjoying your favorite classic on a giant screen? Well, it will be possible.


Every year it is typical to find different open-air cinemas in Barcelona, this time it will be located in “Poble Espanyol” very close to “Plaza de España”. Cinema a la Fresca, is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a session of films with a picnic, after a jazz music concert… what more could you ask for in life?




Paddle Surf Sunrise


Source: 12 minutos


Located: Barceloneta Beach

Taking place: Every morning from May to September.

Price: € 20


Wherever there is a sea, you have to take advantage of it and that is why it is always a good idea to do activities on the beach, one of the coolest is Paddle Surf. But not just any kind of paddle surf, no no, we're talking Sunrise Paddle Surf.


A wonderful experience where you can enjoy watching the beautiful sunrise and the day starting from the sea. Witness the colors, the calm, and the tranquillity first thing in the morning. Without a doubt an incredible experience, could there be a better way to start your day?




Palo Alto Market


Source: thenudge


Located: Poblenou

Taking place: From July 3rd to September 1st.

Price: 5 €


Who are we going to fool? We love festivals and since this summer the list of those we hoped to attend has been significantly reduced, any excuse is good to spend a day surrounded by live music, food ,and drink in the sun. Palo Alto Market is your salvation!


Palo Alto Market is a classic in Barcelona, every summer there are more who join in in this experience and this year it will not be any less. Palo Alto is a market located in the Poblenou area where music, gastronomy, and shopping come together in the same space.


On the one hand, the market has a terrace with different Street food spots where you can try different cuisines of the world. This year due to restrictions they will have an area with tables and chairs to be able to enjoy food and drinks seated.


Then we have the Street Music Experience area, where you can enjoy eight live musicians distributed throughout the market. And last but not least the exhibitors, a large number of interior warehouses with wonderful proposals for design, fashion, crafts, beauty, and health. I don't know about you but I can't think of a better plan for a weekend if you've exhausted all beach activities and you want to try something different!




Nightlife in Barcelona


Source: La Terrrazza


Located: Barcelona

Taking place: From June 25th onwards


After more than a year with the nightclubs closed in Barcelona, the time has come to be able to enjoy a bit of normalcy and social life after 10 pm.


It's true, it's happening, there are already many of the nightclubs that will open their dance floors from June 25th. Each room will follow prevention and restriction measures to protect the health and safety of each individual. Among them we have: Jamboree, Otto Zutz, La Terrrazza, and Moog.


Different clubs with different atmospheres and styles to rekindle the spark of hope that we had been waiting for for so long.




"The Elegance Of The Hat" Exhibition


Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona


Located: Barcelona Design Museum

Taking place: From June 17th until October 3rd.

Price: € 9


If your ideal plan is to visit a museum, don't worry, we have also thought on you!


Barcelona has a large number of art and history museums, but this time we are going to present you the exhibition that is giving so much to talk about on social media. The Barcelona Design Museum presented the new Cristóbal Balenciaga Haute Couture exhibition from the mid-June.


The exhibition shows a compilation of hats designed and created by Balenciaga himself throughout his career (1930-1968), at his houses in Paris and Madrid. Undoubtedly a great work of art that if you are in Barcelona you will have the opportunity to see, take advantage of the fact that this is a unique opportunity to deepen and admire the work of the Spanish designer!



Your Picks

We asked our readers what you’re doing in Barcelona this summer. Here’s what you said.

Where You're Eating: Bus Terraza
Where You're Going Out: La Terrrazza Open Air Club, Paradiso Bar, Paseig del Born
Where You're Relaxing: Square in front of MACBA, Parc de Barceloneta hold
Where You're Watching: 23 Robadors


And this tale is over … But not for long, because we wait for you next week in the next Once Upon A Summertime post, with a new city. Are you ready?



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