Tyger By The Tail: The Gen Z Go-To Destination For Rings This Summer



Source: Tyger By The Tail


Gen Z and rings have long been a match made in heaven. Whether they’re stacking, decorating each finger, or opting for bolder, statement rings, Gen-Z’s outlook on jewellery tends to be pretty ring-centric.


When Tyger By The Tail emerged in January 2021, their personalizable, unisex, carbon-conscious, Insta-rings immediately ticked all of the Gen-Z must-have boxes.




Several months later, the gold and silver plated jewellery started making appearances across the feeds of all the most in-the-know Gen Zers.


On the brand’s own page, swathes of girls wrap their bejewelled hands around lattes, Monster drinks, and G&T pre-mixed cans. Boys in hoodies look away from the camera, their decked-out knuckles taking centre stage. Couples swap personalised rings spelling out each others’ names and stare, doe-eyed, into the camera. All this, in-line with the vision of experimental jewellery designer Amelia Heard and her team.



Source: Tyger By The Tail


The team produces all of its jewellery in the UK. Their “slow fashion” approach allows for personalisation and their material selection makes for good-quality, durable pieces, and signals a move away from plastic-based products. What more could you ask for?





Tyger fans vary from London’s fashion-conscious teens to prolific influencers. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re Romeo Beckham or a student sporting a personalised ring while clutching a couple cans of Guinness. If you wear the rings, it seems, you’re a Tyger.


You can shop the rings via their website. And make sure to stay tuned for more information on their latest customised drop, releasing on June 13th!



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