How Indian streetwear is redefining what’s cool

Source: Norblack Norwhite

Sari wrapped garments and lungis. Those are some of the clothing pieces that come across when talking about Indian fashion.

However, in the past few years, streetwear fashion has been taking over Indian shops, Instagram feeds and shopping carts.



Source: Norblack Norwhite


In a recent article from the Indian edition of Elle Magazine, Sohiny Das, co-founder of Grain Fashion Consultancy, analyzed the streetwear fever in the country and blamed social media for it. “Everyone dresses with a photo-op context in their heads. Over the last decade (or a bit more), street style blogs and social media have made it possible for someone sitting in Kolkata to know what’s happening in Amsterdam. There’s more documentation now.”

As a matter of fact, streetwear fashion may be a thing for decades around the world, but it was only in 2018 that Capsul, India’s first multi-brand streetwear retailer, was launched.




In an interview for Grazia, one of Capsul’s owners, Meenakshi Singh, explains the concept behind it. “Our vision was and continues to be curators of products that are conversation starters. Since all brands operate on drops, most of the products that we have are limited edition.”



Source: Norblack Norwhite


The rise of Indian streetwear fashion is inspiring local designers to bring new ideas to the style.


The Next Cartel has selected a few up and coming streetwear shops born and based in India, but… with worldwide shipping!

Almost Gods


Source: Almost Gods

Launched in March of 2018 by Kobi Walsh and Dhruv Khurana the brand is an ode to religion and technology.

Graphic tees, oversized hoodies and jackets and gender-neutral clothing with a maximized logo are part of their collections.

If you’re looking for tapestry patterns, colours and accessories like no other, check out their shop.





Source: HUEMN


Born in 2012, it is co-founded by Pranav Misra and Shyma Shetty.

Huemn, pronounced as human, celebrates body positivity.

Their clothing is promoted like no other, with no obsession with certain body types and a celebration of all shapes.

In an interview with Lifestyle Asia, the creators celebrated how they are making a name in the fashion industry and managed to showcase their collection in a pre-pandemic Milan Fashion Week back in 2018. “We always wanted to be entrepreneurs, we wanted to drive culture and wanted to create meaningful ready-to-wear garments,” Shetty said.




Moral Science


Source: Moral Science

The Unisex design label brings a lot of the traditional clothing and colours from Indian culture to streetwear unique pieces.

Created by Isha Ahluwalia, the brand defines itself on its page as “a slow fashion design label that explores fashion as a medium of storytelling – Functional design that is conceptual, with a hint of irreverence.”

In an ecological attempt, they keep their production limited and ensure ethical work practices.



Norblack Norwhite

Source: Norblack Norwhite

NorBlack NorWhite was created by the duo Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar. Both of them grew up in Toronto and decided to move to Bombay in 2010.

Indian culture and fashion were inspiring. They learned about the process of Bandhani (tie-dye) textiles and decided to take a shot as designers.

On their website they recall the path to success:

Without any formal design training, the duo built NBNW from the ground up, designing intuitively and building community while spending the first 6 years living in and working from their 600 sq foot Bombay studio with their Master Tailor (Mohammed Ji/MJ). Fast forward to a decade later, they are based out of a more spacious studio space in the capital city of Delhi surrounded by a sweet team and in-house production headed by Mohammed Ji.

NBNW’s iconic ‘BomBombers’ reversible Bandhani silk tracksuits opened up the floodgates for exploring more crafts and textile families of India that applied to the worlds of contemporary fashion and streetwear.





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