Sample-cm Starts a Conversation Fusing Martial Arts and High Fashion

May 12, 2021
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The fashion Brand Sample-cm has a habit of surprising us with its creative fusions in its designs. Founder Margot Charbonnier has quite the knack for creating designs which explore different sports, and their cultural background. She has already delighted us with collections revolving around dance, swimming, and climbing, just to name a few. This time her collection is draws inspiration from martial arts, mixing this discipline with high fashion, without a doubt a revolutionary bet.


The objective of the brand is to empower women and break the expectations attributed to the female gender. This latest collection was the result of the founder's own feelings of rage, Margot decided to channel it into the creative process of her designs, investigating female martial arts, while she dips into social spaces that do not welcome women. A smart way to spark, and bring forth, a conversation for equality.

"Sports and fashion are male-dominated industries and it is very urgent to offer new roles to models and girls, from the athletes we show on television to the designers who create their clothes." – Margot Charbonnier for "It's Nice That".




The designer graduated in Sociology and Fashion from London's Central Saint Martins, and promptly moved to Berlin where she founded the brand in 2015. Her first sportswear collection under the name "Grand Bassin" became the main luxury line of Sample-cm. "Grand Bassin" was created around the concept of communicative clothing, exploring practicality.


The new ‘GB-2021’ collection dismantles the taboo that surrounds female anger, women also get angry. Margot encapsulates this concept by displaying the placement of the bands on her hands, as if she was preparing to start the fight. Highlighting the exact moment in which one gets ready – getting dressed, readying equipment – expresses the power developing oneself, time for action.


In addition, Sample-cm designs are created to be reused indefinitely, encouraging the consumer to be social responsible with the environment. Without a doubt, this collection aims to raise awareness of a notably paramount theme.






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