It’s Gonna Be “A Hot Wet Summer” With Steff Eleoff’s Drippy Jewels


Source: The Face


Steff Eleoff’s mirrored, silver jewels seem to be constantly moving. The dynamic pieces include statement earrings, drippy rings, and the signature body chains ready to adorn your hips this hot wet summer.”


The dainty body chains balance seductively on your hips, imitating a visible thong, and throwing it back to the early aughts. The contemporary shapes and mirrored finish mixed with this Y2K-inspired, lower-back fixation, gives the whole brand a timeless, trippy feel.

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The striking, futuristic pieces seem to imitate all elements of nature — from succulent droplets of water to hot molten lava. Toronto-based designer Steff Eleoff says that it’s the “fine art and beauty” in the shapes around us that inspire the pieces, specifically drawing inspiration from nature, architecture, and contemporary design.


The FF006 ring was inspired by “the bond between nature and architecture” and imitates a crafty vine that lives its whole life weaving itself around a manmade structure. A structure that is then playfully imitated by the wearer’s finger.



Source: The Face


She told The Face, “I’m a big believer in the ideology of play” and incorporates this wildness of spirit into the material selection, imagery, design, and drawings. The design process relies heavily on drawings and allows for customisation and transparency with the customer.


Head over to their website now to get your hands on some of the trippiest pieces of the summer.




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