Tyler The Creator; Style Evolution

That’s how it is! As you have read, today we are going to be able to explore in a little more detail the style evolution of one of the greatest, Tyler The Creator.


Tyler is not only recognized for his music, but also for being a unique style icon that serves as a reference and inspiration for many on a daily basis. Today we are going to analyze, observe, and admire the evolution of the Californian rapper in the past 10 years.


The 30-year-old artist has continually impressed many of his followers with his extravagant and wonderful public appearances, whether in music videos or at award ceremonies, he never fails to amaze us. His unique and risky style always makes him the focus of many.


Excited? Well, let’s get started!


Tyler, The Creator, as many of you know, began in an era in the mid-2000s as a founding member of the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future, but the contrast he achieved when doing his solo work was very strong, compared to the style of hip hop that was touring at the time. His raw, punk aesthetic made his essence unique.


It wasn’t until the release of his “Yonkers” music video that won him the best new artist award at the 2011 MTV Music Awards that Tyler began to ring in everyone’s ears.



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Tyler, The Creator at MTV Music Awards 2011


One thing’s for sure, Tyler’s style has simply been very personal from the beginning. We can highlight the strong influence of the skater style, from the silhouette of the straight trousers that remind us a lot of the Dickies style trousers, typical of skaters, the tie-dye print t-shirt, a strong trend of the time, which recently we could relive again.


One of the things that most attract our attention are the risky mix of patterns, the tie-dye with the animal print for example. The rapper has been very clear about his security in terms of his style from the get go, and that is what we love about him! It’s worth pointing out the Vans shoe (very classic for skaters), but also the fact that he appears to be wearing only one



Source: Jovellyism


Tyler, The Creator November 2013.


This time we find Tyler in the street practicing his favourite sport, once again we clearly see the singer’s Skater style, but with a striking touch always, the strident colours, the blue of his Old School, and the turquoise green of his square cap.



Source: Tyler, The Creator


Tyler, The Creator on Twitter, 2016.


It is not until 2016 when we can observe a change in Tyler’s style, always keeping his original essence, but adding a more updated and renewed touch, which today 5 years later continues to work just as well! Without hesitation, we could wear this look now. Thanks to his urban fashion brand Golf Wang, which was founded by the rapper himself in 2011, the rapper has achieved a very powerful and always updated style.


On this occasion, in a photo that he posted on Twitter, the rapper shows us this green and red look with garments from his collection.



Source: Reddit


Tyler, The Creator, Grammys 2017.


In 2017, Tyler crossed the red carpet at the Grammys with this great look from the FW17 season in shades of white and sky blue. From the converse, and the dark pants, to the wool coat and the matching LV scarf, finishing with the fur ear hat that we simply love! The total look follows a casual style within the luxurious picture of the brands that he wears and is always being true to his origins.



Source: Complex


Tyler, The Creator, “Earfquake” Music Video, 2019.


Boom! The look that has been talked about the most was this incredible look for the music video “Earfquake”. We just love everything about this look, it is exquisite to see, from that platinum blonde wig, to the phosphor yellow suit jacket, along with the sunglasses. In addition to Tyler’s attitude, absent and goofy, he just completed the whole look.


This was certainly the beginning of a new era in the Tyler style.



Source: Vogue


Tyler at Lacma Film and Art Gala, 2019


This look is another of the artist’s favorites, a Gucci total look accompanied by Dr. Martens, without a doubt a very successful bet.


The creation of this look inspired by the grandfather style of the 60s, fused with the fisherman style is a very intelligent, and original look that we have seen few times on a red carpet, but if anyone can pull it off, it is Tyler.



Source: Eonline


Tyler at Grammys Red Carpet, 2020.


Well, what are we going to say? We love Tyler’s looks on the red carpets, each time we look forward to what the next look will be.


This, in particular, was one of the most seen and acclaimed, shortly before the pandemic, Tyler appeared dressed in buttons with a total look in pink and a suitcase where he hid what would be his next look, the one that he would wear to the awards ceremony.


This look is bright, fun, stylish, and his performance was incredible, a worthy fashion icon without a doubt.



Source: One37pm

Next, we have the second look from the Grammys gala, the look that literally came out of the suitcase on the red carpet. A very Tyler look from Creator, a proper mix between skater, urban, geek, and very modern tacky that is super characteristic of the rapper. In the look we find a cap from his brand Golf Wang, a pink and red striped polo shirt and trousers with a straight silhouette, like the ones we have already seen many times in his looks, the same tone as the cap.



Source: Tyler, The Creator


Tyler, The Creator, in California, 2021.


Since the appearance of the Grammys in 2020, unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have not been able to enjoy many more public appearances of Tyler, The Creator. But we always have social networks to find out everything and follow the style trends of our favourite artists.


This one, in particular, is from last July, where the rapper poses with his dog with an incredible look, made up of ochre pleated pants, a red cardigan over a shirt, and a fur ear hat. Yes, we know what you are thinking, a little warm for July in California right? The things we do for fashion…



Source: Tyler, The Creator


Tyler, The Creator, in California, 2021.


The second image belongs to the same post, where the artist presents us with this look made up of a pink belt with the word “Fleur” made of small pearls, hanging, the car key, and of course, the matching mask.


If we can say something about Tyler’s style, The Creator is that he is super original and unique, always faithful to his own style from the beginning of his career, but renewing with new trends, for that reason he is a clear example to follow in fashion. Brave, risky, and not afraid of opinions, and we love it!!

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