Are Creative Genuises Always A Little Weird? According to Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z is

December 13, 2021
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December 13, 2021

There are many who believe that genius is madness appreciated. It is not uncommon for talented creative individuals to be perceived as weird, odd, or strange. Perhaps these two things go hand in hand even. The weirder and more eccentric a creator is, the more outlandish, meaningful, and hard-hitting their creations will be.

According to Pharrell Williams, the famous record producer whose songs have echoed all across the globe, Jay-Z is one of these odd creative geniuses.

Last week, Pharell was a guest in The Fader’s The FADER Uncovered podcast with Mark Ronson, and he got talking a little more in-depth about the creative process of music mogul and artist Jay-Z. Pharrell explained how Jay-Z has a very unique style when it comes to creating his famed verses. Specifically, he comes up with his songs in falsetto, and as such, repeats his bars back to him in falsetto too.


He’s not good because he’s just made good records, no, he’s really like a character. He’s an odd guy. If you ever spoke to him, have a conversation with him, it’s not a regular conversation. Or when he writes and he’s just sitting there mumbling to himself, in falsetto, by the way.


It’s interesting to see how the habits and behavioural peculiarities of the creative elite seem to be ever-present regardless of culture and time. Perhaps the only difference between genius and madness is that one has a positive connotation attached to it, and the other a negative.

Could it be then, that by looking at it from a positive lens and said madness is encouraged rather than restricted and inhibited, it translates into creation? One then yields results and becomes genius, while the other is never allowed to flourish, and alas, remains as fruitless madness.

Any thoughts TNCers?

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