Coupé/Serie 01: Javier Guijarro’s Graduate Collection Delves Into The Weight Of Memory

October 5, 2022
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Written By:
October 5, 2022

We all carry baggage around, a trail of our past experiences, some heavier than others. This baggage, more often than not, shapes who we are. It’s what we use to explain our virtues and our flaws, our complex personalities. That is precisely what novel designer Javier Guijarro had in mind when designing his Graduate collection Coupé/Serie 01.

Coupé/Serie 01, photographed through the lens of Pep Bestard is quite the piece of art to be admired. Check it out for yourself.

Coupé/01 Series was inspired by a theoretical thesis (“The weight of having memory”) that has been developed on the tendency we have to think more about what has already happened than what is about to happen. It is the result of translating into fashion a reflection on how, during the course of our lives, our experiences become memories and something that we carry and drag with us simply to be able to explain who we are. After all, that baggage is the only thing we can tell about ourselves and it is the reason why we always end up looking back.
– Javier Guijarro

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