Editor’s Pick: Who Wants Chicken Wings? If They’re Samm Henshaw’s, We Do.

November 12, 2021
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Written By:
November 12, 2021

TGIF guys right? It’s true, most people associate Fridays with freedom, that long awaited weekend, ready to be demolished and usher us into a new week. Of course here at TNC we are no strangers to the Friday feels… Which is why we always decide to amplify that excitement for the weekend with our Editor’s Pick section. Here on Editor’s Pick you see us sharing with all of your some of our favourite releases, topics, garments, or bits and bobs of the urban culture with you.


Last week we had a proper in depth introspection into the entrails of the metaverse. Today, we are keeping it a little lighter by bringing to your our favourite musical release of the week.


Remember Samm Henshaw? We’ve had an eye on him for a while now. Earlier this year we met Henshaw when he first released a taste of his upcoming album ‘Untidy Soul’. And now while we know that releasing an album in itself is nothing new, although we do very much enjoy his music, it was his concept that reeled us in. The singer presented his project in the format of a TV-inspired series that follows Sonny, the main character played by Samm himself, in his journey through the ups and downs of growth and life’s twists and turns.


Now the first episode ‘Still Broke’ explored the idea that money and fame can’t buy you happiness. Then, the second episode ‘Grow’ advocated for simultaneous growth in a partnership. So, what will Henshaw have for us now?

Introducing ‘Chicken Wings’, the third episode of the ‘Untidy Soul’ that sees Sonny struggling at his day job at Henny’s Wings, only for the day to take a strange turn when the main character discovers and abandoned.


Produced by long term collaborator Josh Grant. Filled with playful food innuendos, the golden era Hip-Hop beat captures a cross-section of Samm’s US influences paired with his distinct UK sound. ‘Chicken Wings’ comedic bounce compliments Samm’s sense of humour, accompanied by lyrics that express his love for the simple life. Horns, keys, energy and big band moments take centre stage as Samm preaches to get the ‘heart what it wants’ and to not take life too seriously.


This instalment of the series truly shows the artist’s goofiest and more comedic side. Don’t believe us? Check out this hilarious mocumentary on the Behind The Scenes of the video.

Musically diverse, Samm ends the year on a high having not only consistently released unrivalled music, but we also saw him launch his own label, Dorm Seven, star in his own mini-series, launch a merch line and deliver scores for Hollywood movies to name just a few. Still only 27 years old he is wise beyond his years and offers an unfiltered and uncompromising version of himself with authenticity and style.


Samm Henshaw’s debut album is set to drop on January 28th, and to be honest we just can’t wait, it will be the perfect late Christmas gift, or early Valentines Day gift, or (according to a quick Google search) a great way to celebrate National Fun At Work Day! Yay.

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