Fashion Guru Mark Fairwhale Is The Future of Chinese Streetwear

April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Creating a fashion brand in the Chinese fashion industry is no easy task. It may not be known to be as elegant as Milan, Paris, New York or London yet, but “yet” is the keyword in this sentence.

With over 100,000 manufacturers, China’s garment industry is huge and employs over 10 million people. According to the Business of Fashion’s China Decoded report, the country is set to overtake the United States as the biggest luxury fashion marketplace in the world.

With luxury brands like Prada and Fendi hosting fashion shows in the three major cities for about a decade now, the consumer demand has been booming. Chinese brands and labels have emerged and ever since been admired by the global fashion community.

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Shanghai-based fashion label Mark Fairwhale gets rid of any doubt surrounding Chinese fashion brands. Established in 2001 by Marc Cheung, dubbed ‘The Fashion Guru’. This is also showcased in the brand’s creative spirit. Each letter of the name Fairwhale represents a word which conveys the culture of the brand; Fly, Amenity, Intelligence, Responsibility, Will, Harmony, Adolescent, Love and Envision.

The brand showcased their Autumn/Winter collection on the first day of spring at the Shanghai Fashion Week. We at TNC covered this already if you want to read more about it. The collection combines the Chinese heritage with the modern C-pop culture to the highly anticipated fashion event. The styles fit in perfectly with Chinese culture and can easily fit in Shanghai’s fashion culture.

Source: Yicai

Source: Yicai
Source: Yicai

In the pictures above you can clearly see that the collection draws inspiration from traditional Chinese motifs and innovates classic pieces to make them modern.

Fairwhale has expanded over the years and created a few apparel sub-brands; Mark Fairwhale International Vogue Men’s Wear, Fairwhale Jeans For Men and also Fairwhale Creative Urban Wear. Each sub-brand has a clear market positioning and respectively target their specific customers.

Definitely check out their new collection if you’re looking to get into Chinese streetwear!

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