Into The Future Of Fashion: Crypto Fashion Week Recap!

September 20, 2021
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September 20, 2021

Crypto Fashion Week came and went, and it left us rocking in our chairs, minds blown, having had a taste of what the future looks like. What the hell, not the future, THE PRESENT! The future is now. Literally!


This is the second edition of Crypto Fashion Week, the first one taking place in February. This time around, the weeklong event took place from the 10th to the 17th of September, and presented some of the hottest, most exciting virtual creators of the moment.


For those of you who missed out on the fantastic events that took place last week, here’s a little recap.



Karl Lagerfeld X The Dematerialised

The famed luxury-wear brand decided to hop onto the NFT bandwagon with the help of the Web3 Marketplace, The Dematerialised. The latter are already on a mission to create a new reality for fashion, and it seems Lagerfeld does not want to miss out on a piece of that cake!


We’re excited to add this innovative category to our portfolio and be able to inspire existing customers and new customers with this one-of-a-kind collectable.
Karl Lagerfeld’s CEO, Pier Paolo for Fashion United


Source: @karinnanobbs / Co-CEO The Dematerialised


The collaboration consisted of two NFTs in the form of digital figurines that take after the iconic late designer. In total there are 777 Lagerfeld’s NFTs available, for 77EUR each. A nod to the designer’s favourite number, not to mention the fact that the release came on the date of Lagerfeld’s birthday.



The Fabricant Live Stream

Who would’ve thought you could actually look forward to a Monday? The Fabricant claims to be a digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing. After Monday, one can firmly state that indeed, they are.


Source: radiichina


Their livestream and fashion show was filled with jaw-dropping moments. However, the one we can’t seem to stop thinking about is the collaboration with Digital Influence RUBY 9100M. The collaboration consisted of two NFTs featuring RUBY9100M modelling 3D outfits created and designed by The Fabricant, named “The Empress of the Metaverse” and “The Empress’ Crown”.



Kadine James X Ivan Svanberg

Kadine James of The Immersive Kind and designer Ivan Svanberg announced their NFT Kaydeen, which they then dropped at the Meta Gala. The NFT, which was a virtual reflection of Kadine James herself, brought forth a fascinating talk on the future of fashion, and how cyberspace and beyond will impact our day to day stylistic choices.


Source: @ImmersiveKind


Check it out here!


Mimi Choi X Rebecca Minkoff

Designer Rebecca Minkoff and Makeup Artist Mimi Choi (who also happens to be the face of this year’s NYX Professional Makeup Halloween season) appeared in a panel discussing the future of makeup in the digital scene. They also unveiled the first ever printed makeup look turned NFT!




For the Meta Gala said makeup look was minted into an NFT and turned into an AD filter. Participants of the Gala then had a chance to enter a contest in order to win the virtual makeup look! On top of that, a virtual Choi modelled the makeup look while wearing a Minkoff outfit during the show.

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