New Amsterdam Surf Association: Bringing Surf To The City

June 28, 2021
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June 28, 2021

When we speak about surf brands, brands like Ripcurl, Billabong, Hurley, and many more come to mind. Inevitably, we link these are brands to places where the surf culture is huge, and their beautiful beaches are blessed with idyllic waves.

New Amsterdam Surf Association however, is not like these brands. They aren’t about the tropics, they’re about dark and cold waters. They want to reflect the harsh, less than ideal surf conditions of their home city with the clothes they design.

Source: New Amsterdam Surf Association

Paul Zeper, founder of New Amsterdam Surf Association is a former professional windsurfer. Growing up in the Netherlands he learned how to windsurf under typical Dutch weather conditions, mostly brown waters, muddy coastlines, cold water temperatures and lots of wind. What he loved about this, is that it left room solely for those really passionate about surfing, no matter what.

“New Amsterdam Surf Association represents a certain vibe, it’s for those who don’t require the perfect wave or ideal conditions. It’s for those who like to be challenged.”

Their new collection, ‘BLACK SATURDAY,’ is a continuation of the New Amsterdam’s essential purpose, which is to bring surfing to the city. Industrial backdrops and harsh wind, rather than sunshine and turquoise waters, is where the New Amsterdam team is most comfortable engaging in the sport they love, and they’ve developed clothes which meet them at home in that environment.

Source: New Amsterdam Surf Association

“That’s the dream: breaking the stereotype of the hippy surfer and showing people there are ‘city surfers’ as well”

New Amsterdam Surf Association

The collection combines elements of streetwear and workwear with more traditional surf staples. Work trousers, shirts, and puffers in black, white, and construction green fall beside summery button downs emblazoned with beach chairs.

If you surf anything like New Amsterdam Surf Association, or just like the collection, go check out it out on their webshop, or their flagship store in Amsterdam’s city center.

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