Once Upon A Summertime in LA

July 16, 2021
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July 16, 2021


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This tale is not over yet, we return one more week with a new city, after exploring London, Barcelona, and Brussels, this time we cross the Atlantic to reach the wonderful California, no less than Los Angeles, the city where dreams come true.


During the summer months, we want a warm place, ideally with a beach and mountains, and Los Angeles has all that, but sometimes it is not enough. Because we do not know what to do, it's not uncommon to miss out on amazing plans simply because we didn't know they were happening!


For that reason we bring Once Upon a Summertime to you… blogs from cities around the world where you can enjoy the recommendations that The Next Cartel has made for its readers.


The best plans for the summer, from open-air cinemas, concerts, art exhibitions, creative activities… all that, and more are available every week at TNC.


In addition, we will let you know what TNC readers do, where they go, restaurants, pubs, and where they relax. So you can get inspired and find out about the underground stuff that Californians are doing this summer in LA.



Welcome to One Upon A Summer Time in Los Angeles!



Photo Flux: L.A. Unblocking


Source: Time Out


Location: Getty Center, Westside

Realization: Until October 10th

Price: Free


What could be better than soaking up art for a day at an exhibition? It is one of those plans that you do not have to do every week but without a doubt, letting the art, talent, and creativity that graces those walls inspire you is never amiss.


You'll be able to find a photographic exhibition that brings together the works of 35 local artists, with the aim of challenging the ideal stereotypes of beauty, representation, and objectivity.


The artists that make up the exhibition are African-American creatives who present their art based on their own aesthetics and narrative.



Kamasi Washington + Earl Sweatshirt; Concert


Source: Hollywood Bowl


Location: Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood

Realization: July 18th

Price: From $25


You can't get it wrong with outdoor music, who doesn't like it? A cool summer night listening to the saxophonist Kamasi Washington who will delight you with a jazz concert at the incredible Hollywood Bowl …


Kamasi Washington is the leader of a group that in 2015 introduced the new concept of spiritual jazz to hip hop audiences, it was so successful that he was named by the New York Times as one of the best musicians of the 2010s.


Not only that, they will also feature a performance by Earl Sweatshirt himself, a Los Angeles rapper and producer who grew out of the zeitgeist on which contemporary hip-hop collectives are based today.


Sounds good right? Well, don't think about it too much because tickets are flying!





Source: Bucket Listers


Located: Lake Castaic

Realization: Every weekend from July to September.

Price: From $20


Who are we kidding? Open-air cinemas in summer are a world tradition, but more so in the United States, where since childhood we could enjoy watching our favorite characters on movies shown in a parking lot while eating a hamburger, will it continue to be the perfect plan for a date? We don't know, but the new concept of outdoor cinema is upping its game.


Yes, you read that right, Boat Cinema is literally a cinema on a boat. This new concept of cinema is designed for groups of up to 6 people to be on a boat enjoying a picnic on a lake, crazy right? Well, there's even more to it, because there is a wide variety of food available to order before getting on the boat. You can order a pizza and they will deliver it directly to your boat! Unbelievably cool right?


What can we say, if something can be done in a big way, the USA will definitely do it!





Source: Pure Wow


Located: Santa Monica

Realization: Every day


Enjoy the views of Santa Monica from the Rooftop of Élephante Beach House, where you will find indoor and outdoor spaces to relax and enjoy brunch during the day, and an intimate dinner at night.


Santa Monica is one of the most underground points in Los Angeles, surfing, sports, music, dancers, and skaters are the magic of its streets, California in its purest form.





Source: Secret Los Angeles


Location: Santa Anita's Parl

Realization: from July 16th to October 24th

Price: $5


And of course, we can never miss a Market, in these small (and not so small) amazing spaces we find different things to spend the day and have fun, from activities, live music, shops, and artists, to food stalls.


The 626 Night Market is well-known for its numerous Asian food stalls, exactly 250, of all kinds, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai … a paradise for the palate!


Also this year they have expanded the space to make sure they comply with the necessary restrictions.



And this story is over … But for very little, because we are waiting for you next week in the next Once Upon A Summertime, with a new city. Can you guess which?


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