Editor’s Pick: Tretorn’s Sea Level Re-Boot is Environ-mentality at its Finest

December 3, 2021
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December 3, 2021

Swedish outdoor brand Tretorn developed an exclusive, brand new sustainable footwear that reminds us of the possible dangers of unsustainable living on rising sea levels.

                             Source: Tretorn

Climate change is not just a sorrowful fact nowadays; it is a real threat to the planet and humanity. If we don’t act immediately, we might wake up to the year 2171, when everything has submerged in the water. We have the opportunity to prepare for that future while protecting the environment that we know and love. As creative minds, we have platforms to raise awareness in order to trigger the spectacular change that we want to see in the world. This is precisely what Tretorn intended with its Sea Level Re-Boot.

This innovative product incorporates a year-by-year reminder of the expected rise of sea levels in its design. The visualization of the anticipated environmental disaster in our everyday lives makes us think profoundly about our impact on this earth. We can quite literally observe our carbon footprint every day. Tretorn wanted to inspire people and challenge the fashion industry to go sustainable without losing quality or style.

The limited-edition boot has the signature Tretorn rain boots silhouette while capturing 21st-century values of sustainability and environ-mentality. The whole design aimed to push the limits of sustainability. The outer and upper base is made of FSC certified natural rubber, and the inside is made out of bloom, a sustainable material extracted from harmful algae biomass in the oceans. We believe contributing to the health of our oceans is crucial, as the origin of life is water. Still, our influence should not be limited to raising awareness; we should also positively impact it by actively participating in the efforts.

Source: Scandinavian MIND

We’re always fascinated by fashionable, unorthodox, and functional designs, especially when they give rise to the industry’s sustainable transformation. With Sea Level Re-Boot, Tretorn tick all the boxes.

Not only that, the Sea Level Re-Boot is a reinterpretation of their 130-year-old classic design, which is evident proof that we can change the norms, alter the rules, and create a lasting impact if we dare. Do you dare to join the precise moment when history is made?

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