Who Runs The World? GIRLS.

May 24, 2021
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May 24, 2021

After being locked inside for over a year, we’ve seen many people unleash their creativity and start up their own businesses.

Today, we want to talk to you about 3 different female creatives, who have done just that. They have created their own unique style, whilst pushing the limits of design. Something we love to see here at TNC!

While working on their crafts they’ve been able to share this with the world on social media, earning a pretty penny in a time where many have lost their main stream of income. A lot of these pieces are inspired by the basketball/sneaker culture.

The first one is TOMME Studio. Having started in 2018, it wasn’t until the last year that the brand really exploded on social media. TOMME Studio has been transforming basketballs into wearable mini handbags, made for both men and women.

The name, pronounced TOM, is a combination of femme, homme, and tomboy which leads to TOMME. The name also shows how the brand transforms an item rooted in a male-dominated sport, into an individual, unisex piece of art. Each bag expresses a fused male/female aesthetic.

TOMMEs founder, who is both a fan, and a player of the game of basketball, sources unique basketballs from all over the world. She then reinterprets each design and reworks them by hand, finally, presenting them as a forward-looking design.

Next we have Tega Akinola.

Upcycling is a huge trend that’s creating a buzz on social media, and understandably so. Designers are making statements in sustainability by transforming basic shoes or sneakers into something extraordinary. Tega Akinola is one of those designers.

While still a student in the UK, Tega spent her time during the pandemic working on 
up-cycling shoes and handbags.Inspired by the the most random things around her, her most famous work was derived from broken iPhone cables that she found while tidying her room.

Akinola’s designs are as innovative as they are exciting, sustainable, and environmentally conscious.

Finally, we have N1KE Nails, located in London.

The brand offers Nike nail art which can go along with your Nike sneakers if you’re trying to mix and match. They are press on nails, which makes them easy to apply, and can be done from home.

The collections are inspired by famous Nike sneakers such as the Off-White Jordan 4’s, or Jordan 1 x Aleali May and even the J Balvin Jordan 1’s.

So if you’ve always wanted to match your sneakers and your nails, definitely check out N1KE Nails, you won’t be disappointed!

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