Suit up the anime style with GUNDAM X KOSUKE KAWAMURA

March 16, 2021
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March 16, 2021


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If you think that anime and fashion can only get together if we are talking about a cosplay collection… get ready!



GUNDAM X KOSUKE KAWAMURA partnered for one of the most colourful, imaginative and fun collections for this Spring.



Kosuke Kawamura is a Japanese collage artist, graphic designer and art director. If you are a manga fan, you have probably heard about his Akira Art of Wall:




Kawamura has already joined many brands for previous collections, like Uniqlo and NEIGHBORHOOD. Now, he is back for a full clothing line, in collaboration with READYMADExVESSEL, POGGY THE MAN and FORSOMEONE.



Designed by Kawamura and Yuta Hosokawa,the collection is inspired by one of the most famous japanese animes from the 1980’s: “Mobile Suit Gundam”.



We selected some of our favourite pieces from the collection.



Source: Forsomeone



Kosuke Kawamura boldly collages images of NU Gundam, Amuro and Hathaway, and Haro, which are the designers personal favorite mobile suits. The design has a punk feel in various places, such as a patch with the FORSOMEONE slogan and Char's Counterattack printed in a graffiti style with a jacquard art patch.



Source: Forsomeone


A tailored jacket collaboration featuring art created by the Japanese popular anime "Mobile Suit Gundam" and collage artist Kosuke Kawamura.



Source: Forsomeone


Kosuke Kawamura boldly collages images of NU Gundam, Amuro and Hathaway, and Haro, which are the designers personal favourite mobile suits. The design features a graffiti-like print of the FORSOMEONE slogan and Char's Counterattack.



Source: Forsomeone



The weapon that appears in the Gundam series, the white base, is collaged upon an abstract background and artwork of Mr. Kosuke Kawamura which has the impression of hiding the Musha Gundam, is used on the entire surface. The back of the upper collar is a red colour reminiscent of the military uniform of the Earth Federation Army, with an embroidered emblem of the Earth Federation Army. In addition, the back of the lapel is made of leather. Mainly using metal buttons, which is a fusion of POGGYTHEMAN's typical tailored style and the design of the collaboration.



You can discover & shop the collection by clicking here.



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