Nojin: the sustainable fashion brand that’s turning waste into a must-have kimono


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It’s difficult not to fall in love with the core values of Nojin.


The brand, founded by Ngoc-Hien, a german-based designer, is a slow-fashion, gender-neutral clothing brand that uses 100% natural fibres in its collection.


That should cover all the bases if you are looking to be a more conscious consumer, right?


Well, Ngoc-Hien doesn't stop there.



She is always looking into ways of improving her work and her impact on the environment, which is a gift to all of us.


Nojin works with made-to-order or produces in small batches. However, there is always that piece of fabric that has to be cut off.


Source: Nojin


Ngoc-Hien is now making sure nothing goes to waste and also pleasing customers with a brand new kimono design: the SCRAPMONO.


Source: Nojin


Scraps, literally defined as “a small piece or amount of something”, are what is used. Focused on minimizing fabric waste, Ngoc-Hien is leaving no thread behind and using denim scraps to make unique pieces.


And The Next Cartel has a sneak peek for you of their latest release:


Source: Nojin


The production is described on their official page:


Nojin’s upcycling goal is to put all waste fabric to use: leftover material is being collected each time a Nojin garment has been produced.


The SCRAPMONO is made of 226 leftover scrap pieces in various shades of blue denim.


This one-of-a-kind jacket fits loosely, comes with big front pockets and contrasted coloured circle detailing on the back.


Source: Nojin


The inspiration for their newest drop is one of the signature designs, the MONODOT silhouette.



We couldn’t be more ready to add the eco-friendly kimono to our spring closet and it’s already available on Nojin’s online store.


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