12 Year Old Benyamin Ahmed Earned $160.000 On NFTs

August 25, 2021
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August 25, 2021

Can’t get enough of all these insane NFTs related news that seem to pop up anywhere and everywhere? Well, we certainly can’t!

This time, it’s arguably the most impressive one yet.

A few weeks ago, a 12 year old boy earned $160k by selling Weird Whale NFTs. Yes, that’s a lot of money, but the most impressive part about it, is that all of that was done in less than 24 hours. Jeez!

But first things first, in case you’re only just tuning into our TNC content, what are NFT’s? An NFT is Non Fungible Token, is technically a file on the internet, bought and sold with Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, as proof of ownership for unique items. This goes for things like art, collectibles, even real estate & tweets! We’ve written quite a bit on this subject, so make sure to check them out if your curiosity is sparked!

12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed, based in London, is one of those kids in love with the blockchain. The NFT collection he released is a series of 3350 pixelated whale icons inspired by a stock image, which sold out in about 9 hours.

Benyamin | benoni.eth on Twitter: “Check the rarity of you whale at https://t.co/DlIdhAvbhW. / Twitter”

But it turns out that there is quite a market for this among tweens getting into crypto, so Benyamin certainly is not a long. Not long before him, a 13 year old boy from India drummed up his own investment management program for cryptocurrency. Don’t remember doing that when we were 13…

“I got interested in the NFT space because originally I thought it was cool as an online flex” – Benyamin Ahmed for Decrypt

Even though it started as something that very much sounds like what a 12 year old boy would say, he did eventually develop a respect for the field and eventually decided to release his own collection, and being successful in doing so to say the least.

But it comes as no surprise that this 12 year old cryptogenius is interested in the field. Ahmed’s father, Imran, works as a web developer and introduced Benyamin to HTML and CSS at the age of 5 or 6. After a developer of another alternative NFT project called ‘Boring Bananas’ sent Ahmed an annotated Python script with a template for creating his own tiered images, his father walked him through how to plug in his own assets.

What makes this even more impressive than it already is, the 12 year old even gets royalties from OpenSea, 2.5% of the amount every whale is sold for. So on top of the $160k of 80ETH, he earns even more over time.

How do you feel about 12 year olds earning this type of money? Is it responsible for them to have these large amounts of money without a parent/guardian signing off on it? At least Benyamin insisted he will not be spending the money anytime soon which is great to hear.

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