BLUE BLUE: true blue Japanese techniques

March 12, 2021
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March 12, 2021


Source: Blue Blue


Tokyo-based Blue Blue believes that indigo blue is the warmest colour and we should all be wearing it.



With the traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the iconic indigo blue of classic denim styles as signature, Blue Blue was founded in 1996.



And they are proud of their roots, as the label says loud and clear: “MADE IN JAPAN”





There is a thing that you are able to wear. To wear well for many years in the traditional Japanese techniques honnai in the center of the dyed.



We use colors and Material that make you feel the four seasons, and make it while sticking to "MADE IN JAPAN".


Source: Blue Blue


Artisanal washing and dying processes distinguish their collections.



Handmade, Indigo and Sense of warmth have been important characteristics since we launched BLUE BLUE JAPAN.



We strive to make comfortable clothing and other life-oriented items to be loved for a long time of one’s life.



As indicated by the name “BLUE BLUE JAPAN”, we stick to made-in-Japan production by incorporating Japanese traditional techniques and methods like Pure Indigo dyeing and other natural dyeing.


Source: Blue Blue



They have just kicked off their Spring/Summer collection in their online stores and, yes, they have international shipping. Check-out a few selected pieces of the collection


Women's Lace Kagozome Dye Zipup Jacket


The pattern is put out on the lace ground kagozome dye While leaving a little of the original white color of the fabric, it is dyed with two colours, mauve purple and navy, to create a beautiful and impressive gradation.




Omaru Shibori Nylon Warmup Jacket


Shibori is manually applied to the bright blue nylon with a dark blue dye.


Nylon Material lining to the mesh and sporty Material to shibori combination of different color is fresh, such as dyeing. In order to make full use of the large round shibori pattern, the pattern is placed asymmetrically. stand‐up collar blouson with rubber shirring on the cuffs and hem features a side-chapter-like switch from the shoulders to the cuffs.





Find out more about them here.


By the way, if you like the Japanese vibes, visit our Shop for some items like the ATHRTY NOBUNAGA tote bag. You can also check Mirai Holiday, the exclusive capsule of Pace that conveys Brazilian culture and Japanese design into functional, leisurely garments.


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