ATHRTY PELAGIA SS21 is out now and you can get it here

March 31, 2021
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March 31, 2021



Comfortable clothing, beautiful colours, and a perfect-size bag for your Spring/Summer look.


ATHRTY PELAGIA SS21 is out now, and we've got you covered! You can get your favourite piece right here, at The Next Cartel.


We're thrilled to open the doors of their latest collection for you. The pieces have been inspired by the ethereal beauty, and the mystical heterogeneity of jellyfish. Because, is there anything more captivating than those semi translucent, yet graceful, and at times deadly, beings?




The items of the collection are named after different species, and manage to translate marine colours into an earthly realm.


These creatures come in a variety of beautiful colours such as blue and pink. Did you know that NASA did an experiment with moon jellyfish to test the microgravity? This experiment started in the early 90’s and included 60K jellyfish orbiting the earth.


To help you choose, here is a sneak peek at the collection, and a little more info on some of the pieces!





Practical, the shorts have pockets for small items and the tightness can be adjusted with the strings on the inside. It also comes with a multi-functional tool attached that resembles the tentacles of a jellyfish (it doubles as a bottle opener… cheers to the summer!)




Graciously floating

The ribbons illuminate

Colors everywhere

The discrete Haiku is printed in this delicate gender-neutral t-shirt that comes in flamingo pink or different tones of blue.





Named after turritopsis dohrnii also known as the immortal jellyfish, is a species can transform from its adult stage (medusa) to its child phase (polyp). They can continue this cycle over and over, becoming basically immortal. The turritopsis dohrnii seems to be the only animal to be able to do this. Sidenote: it is hard to spot them since they are very small in size.


Suitable for vegans, it is made out of vegan leather just like our next item.



The NOMURA tote bag is named after one of the largest jellyfish on the planet and lives in the waters around Japan. They can weigh up to 200 kg and grow up to two meters in diameter.


Finally a vegan leather tote bag sturdy and spacious enough to carry anything from your laptop, to all your beach items!


Visit The Next Cartel e-store to shop the collection.



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