Vault by CNN: Purchase Moments From The Past!

June 25, 2021
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June 25, 2021

Is owning a piece of history one of your dreams? Or a television archive maybe?

Well, after 41 years of delivering the global stories of our time and archiving these in a vault, CNN is finally opening them up to the public, allowing anyone to purchase them.

But how? How can someone purchase something from however many years ago?

NFTs, of course.

CNN is the latest to join the NFT craze and they’re doing so in memorable fashion.

The initiative will go by the name of  Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed Us. Here CNN will house a select set of digital collectibles, or ‘Moments’, from CNN’s television archives, mint them as NFTs using blockchain technology, and sell them at

Source: CNN Press Room

The launch is initially planned to consist of six weekly ‘drops’ of different moments, which will be starting in late June of this year. These ‘moments’ will be different key historical moments organized around specific themes, like early CNN exclusives, Presidential Elections, and world elections. In the future there will be a larger variety of topics, but for now it will be these three.

So what after you’ve purchased one of these NFTs? What to do with it?

The winner of each moment will receive a digital copy, just like any other NFT. But the tokenholders will also be able to showcase and display their moments on a user page in the Vault. And if you have a really limited edition moment, it will include a premium video display case that will render a physical representation of the Moment on a screen.

Source: Cointelegraph

We are a little unsure as to what to make of this. Surely if the NBA can sell iconic plays, there should be no issue with CNN selling some of its footage too right? However, what happens when they start selling delicate moments in history? What does that say about the respect we have for the past?

Would you contemplate purchasing some from CNN’s Vault?

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