What Are The Future Jobs Of The Metaverse?

December 15, 2021
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December 15, 2021

The Metaverse is here now, going strong and likely staying for good. This decentralized, uncharted space is a hub for creative, free-spirited minds. However, it is also changing the world and creating a new market. We may start to see a labour market emerging from the Digi-streets of the Metaverse. Join us for a thought experiment where we’ll make our bets as to the possible future careers that the development of the Metaverse might bring about!

You can resist technological change, but history has indicated that embracing and adapting to it has proven to be wise.

Metaverse Tour Guide

Imagine yourself entering the Metaverse for the very first time. If you’re unsure where to go or what to do in an infinite number of virtual worlds, a Metaverse tour guide may help you! Like a touristic tour guide, a Metaverse tour guide with extensive knowledge of culture, art, and trends can also introduce one to the new possibilities in the Metaverse. This is an up-and-coming business model, and we are excited to witness it.

Metaverse World Builders

The material world has many brilliant architectures, so doesn’t the Metaverse deserve marvellous world builders too? This digital space would be an unparalleled opportunity to push the limits of creativity and design in dream worlds. Or perhaps we will even experience the nostalgia o historical locations, the possibilities as endless. Quite literally. It’s all in the hands of Metaverse world builders.

Source: The Economic Times

Metaverse Explorers

With an infinite number of virtual worlds, we may see a rise in Metaverse explorers. These brave people would probably gear up to discover the secrets of new worlds and guide us through the wild Digi-jungles. Like a sort of modern age backpacker, before backpacking through South East Asia became easier and more saturated than navigating a city’s public transportation.

Digital Fashion Designers

Our avatars will soon be our digital mugshot. We’ll be able to further express ourselves with digital fashion, without the limitations inherent in a physical body. Digital fashion designers can open a door for non-conventional, bold designs for our precious Digi-photos. We’ll be able to make ground-breaking, challenging, and ostentatious statements like never before, as we explore and exploit the depths of our own imaginations. We are already witnessing the rise and establishment of digital fashion designs, which only thrills us even more to see the full extent of future creativity!

Source: Electric Runway

Metaverse TV show Creator

With an ever-expanding Metaverse, we think the entertainment industries will also seek to adapt and reinvent themselves. We may see Metaverse original TV shows or movies with avatars as actors. We could even go a step further, we may see a Metaverse reality show. Is the world even ready for such a thing? Can something blow our minds too much?

Metaverse Event Planner

As the world witnessed the first wedding in the Metaverse, it is only natural to believe that all sorts of events in the Metaverse will become an increasingly common happening. So, we’ll need Metaverse event planners for fashion shows, raves, conferences, and of course, weddings. It would be interesting to see whether any other event types unique to the Metaverse might arise, and how these would evolve and become part of mainstream culture.

Smart Contract Lawyers

Big companies and countries are preparing to benefit from the existence of the Metaverse, and we may expect regulations and legal battles concerning the Metaverse in the short or medium-term future. Smart contract lawyers specializing in Web3 and the blockchain can be helpful in all Metaverse affairs, especially when the regulations aren’t widespread. Because as Jeremy Bentham says, the power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law.

Source: VentureBeat

Metaverse Security Manager

As communities begin to be built, so do the order-protector bodies. Security is an essential aspect of our digital identities because the lack of regulation may expose us. This is where Metaverse security managers come into play, playing a vital part in securing our digital presence.

Ecosystem Developers

Now that Metaverse is evolving, humanity would need more ecosystems to power it. So, we will need ecosystem developers to secure energy. These developers would be responsible for coordinating governments, international organizations, and even multinational firms to guarantee the durability and usability of functionalities in the Metaverse.

With all the probabilities lying before us, we think that everything is possible when it comes to the Metaverse. You can also be a Metaverse chef, avatar hairstylist, digital farmer, and many more. Perhaps you’ll be able to digitally materialise anything you’d like. The Metaverse liberates us from the physical limitations and makes us able to live a dream we can create ourselves.

Go and explore your vision; the Metaverse is there waiting for you.

PS. It’s important to always remember to stay away from the Metaverse conman. In case of emergency, please contact Metaverse security once it exists.

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